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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Chronicles of the Yellow Rose: Part One

If you haven't seen this video:

The Lie NASA Told: Imminent Demise of the NWO

Boosted Audio Version

or this video:

The Destruction of the PAPAL Key

Boosted Audio Version

then this information I've been able to track down from the video's poster, may leave one a bit confused:

They created corporations, with a Latin Canon Law (all caps law). The coven age created all religions, which is why they were called 'snake worship'.

We were taught that "Elizabeth 1" was called in
Egypt : "ISIS"
Babylon : "SELENE"
Hebrew : "LILITH"
Greek : "Arsinoe"
Sumeria : "Inanna"
Saxon:     "Elizabeth" ('Gloriana')
Russia :   "Elizabeth"
Scotland : "Mary"  ('Bloody Mary')
A  few of the various other COVEN and god Names: "SHIVA", "VENUS", ATHENA", "HERA", "Mary Magda-lene" by papal promotion

"Mad" George
Egypt : "OSIRIS"
Rome : "CAESAR" Ptolemy promoted to Sotter(the drunker he got)
Babylon : "SYN" origin of Sin Tax & Syndicate
Hebrew : "Ba-El" King of Hell
Greek :  "BACCHUS"
Sumeria : "Enlil"
Saxon :  "George"
A  few of the various other COVEN and god Names: "JUPITER", "ZEUS", "HADES", "POSEIDON"(Pose I done), "ODIN", "SERAPIS", "ST. Peter" by papal promotion

"Alexander" created the 'Covens of Azazel' in latin root word formations "CA" is Coven Azazel, defined as "PAPAL, ROYAL, & FEDERAL'
Egypt :  "RA" created Wicca, 'Horned god of Coven WICCA'
Rome : "BAPHOMET"  'Coven CAESAR' (ca/e/sar - Coven Azazel - had/out of - Master)
Babylon; "MASSAWA"  'Coven FREEMASON' origin of "Messiah"
       Hopi called him "Massa"
Hebrew : "AZAZEL"
Sumeria : "Marduke"
Russia/Saxon : "Alexander" - Romanov (Roman of)
A  few COVEN and god Names: "MARS", "ARIES", APOLLO", "APOLLYON", "Archangel Michael" by papal promotion

These particular '3' were the '3 Ptolemy's' in our history, before its erasure and removal of Elizabeth to protect "Lilith" from another uprising, which killed her first husband, Alexander.

"SET" was written as "The Leviathan Class Serpent of the Abyss, Father of the Branch of Reptiles, Ruler of the Underworld and Abyss".
Hebrew called him "Solomon" the 'wise serpent' & 'terrible judge'.
Sumeria name "An".
        "OANES" is "O An is" "A.D." is "Anno Domini" Domination of An
Egyptian Coven Name "SET"
Babylon: Sulieman
common man called him "Satan" (SET-AN)

George & Elizabeth were the "Incestuous twins" and had a son, named 'Charles'. "Charlemagne", "Lord Melchizedek (Order of Lilith)","MERCURY",  "HORUS" papal promoted to "JESUS"

Selene/Elizabeth daughter of Solomon/Suleiman Iranian married her nephew Alexander, son of "Pagan EA". When he was killed in the uprising she married her twin. When George was killed, in order to keep the Hebrew custom of a Coven Diarchy, she married her son Charles.

It was 4 years of history classes. We had to memorize the names, the canon laws, and the other relevant facts that created our charter and its bill of rights. This was not a thousand years ago, it was circa "C.E. 1890-1901"

According to that history, Iran(Babylon UR) launched a war. 

I know I was a bit confused.  So I've decided to include what I've found strewn about the internet from this remarkable woman over the course of the next few days.

My intention was to go over all of it as one file and trim the content since it becomes redundant when multiple entries from YellowRoseforTexas contain the same information.

Instead, I am going to put up what I find to be most relevant as it pertains to the videos linked in this post.

I know that through our collective efforts we may find a way to hurry ourselves to a place where we can all have and experience what amount of truth is left as we stand on the precipice of what I hope comes to pass.

If it does not, I'll not regret the perspective gained and the insight gleaned into what I find to be a most magnificent telling of how things 'could' be.

I'll do my best to keep up with questions and comments.  I am also constantly running searches for any other commentary 'Rose' may have left online.

I have a pretty extensive cache already.  The work of collecting has started off great. Searches are becoming tedious though so, I've decided to start putting up what I've found for others to experience and share if so inclined.

I'll have another round of information out tomorrow around the same time.  If anyone would like to send other tidbits my way for posting, let me know in the comments section.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to blog your analysis and researching Rose's material. She may not have all the answers and the information/details may not resonate with everyone, but the essence of her posts and video speaks for itself: everything is being done to liberate the people and the planet. The one thing that has boggled me is the reference to the One (the all Father of mankind and all souls). This, you can't research and has prompt me to take on more of a philosphical introspection. How should we actually view this person/entity (the One)? Is it a parent-child relationship as the naming suggests? Do these social conventions even apply when all souls are born from the same place and thus, all are equally divine and sovereign (on the same standing as the One)? These may all just be rhetorical questions in the end.

  2. Thank you for compiling Rose's material. This is a gem!

  3. Thank you for taking your time to compile Rose's material. Precious and important information. This is a Gem!

  4. A huge thank you Jordan for gathering Yellow Roses posts , you are Awesome.

  5. Jordan, Can't thank you enough, having read through all 6post thus far has been of tremendous help. Still have questions about the Adam and Eve thing, anything you can share there?
    Much love and appreciation,

    1. Barry, the latest from Rose concerning the Adam and Eve thing was that it was part of the 'myth' and the 'myth' is needed in order for Them to survive/exist.

      Ever the cryptic ole coot, but if things are still ongoing, she may be limited in what she is able to say.

  6. The TV show Game of Thrones (Thone s a class of angel) basicly is telling us their story

  7. Barry, Adam and Eve were for sure a fairy tail to keep our interest for the next fairy tails of deceit. I had a rebel Jesuit teacher finally tell a few of us the truth.